Celox™ Rapid B-CON


Over-The-Counter Bleeding Control

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Celox Rapid B-CON is the ultimate in over-the-counter (OTC) bleeding control for initial responders. It is designed for temporary external use to control bleeding of lacerations, minor cuts and abrasions. B-CON contains the same highly effective hemostatic core technology used in Celox Rapid Hemostatic Gauze, but in a 2 foot, OTC configuration. With only one minute of compression time required, B-CON is fast and effective in stopping minor to moderate bleeds.

  • Celox Rapid works completely independently from the body’s clotting cascade creating a pseudo clot
  • The Chito-R produces a muco-adhesive plug that adheres to wet tissue in the wound bowl
  • Celox Rapid studied to be effective with only one minute of post-application compression
  • Color coded to simplify emergency medicine, enabling responders to select the right product rapidly