Mojo® Multi-Mission Aid Bag

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The Mojo® Multi-Mission Aid Bag is two medic bags in one. A main bag with 2,645 in3 of interior space designed and stocked to carry component resupply or to provide sustainment of multiple casualties for extended periods. The kit also includes a zip-off, low profile assault bag with 595 in3 of interior space that is configured and stocked for trauma and immediate tactical care. Assault, tactical or sustained care, together these two bags provide the Medic multiple options for every possible mission.

Born from the real-life experiences of military special operations medics across years of deployments, “Mojo® Medic” Bags aim to simplify tactical medicine, even for the most advanced practitioners. Every pouch, pocket, strap and handle has been designed and purposefully placed to give first medics the best access to the life-saving equipment inside.


Product Info

  • Detachable Assault Bag
  • Mission Configurable
  • Ample Medical Storage

Product Attributes

  • Main Features & Benefits
    • Systematic access and full visualization of life saving equipment
    • Ergonomic design evenly distributes weight
    • Detachable zip-off smaller assault bag designed for trauma needs
    • Rugged nylon will last
    • More than 3200 in3 of total medical supply storage
  • Main Bag
    • Multiple pull-out module bags for maximum organization
    • Removable padded waist belt, padded shoulder straps
    • Zippered drop-down bottom pouch for additional 850 in3 of on-call storage space
    • 1795 in3 interior space
  • Assault Bag
    • Easy zip-off from Main Bag for trauma care supplies in tactical operations
    • Contains airway, breathing and hemorrhage control supplies
    • Wearable low profile for in-vehicle wear
    • Clear pouches and multi-loop retainers
    • 595 in3 interior space

Clinical Benefits

  • Mission configurable: organize your medical bag according to operational need
  • Closes gap between team bags and tactical bags for medics


  • Unit Weight (stocked): 25 lbs
  • Unit Dimensions: 20″L x 14″W x 10.5″ D
  • Berry Amendment & trade compliant
  • Sourced, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

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