Electronic Labels

Electronic Labels – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all labeling for devices be provided to purchasers in “paper form.” However, some users may prefer to access and review electronic labeling for certain devices when given the opportunity to do so.

Combat Medical Systems will continue to provide labeling in paper form to our customers. As a matter of convenience to our customers, we will also provide an electronic version of our product instructions for print, storage and retrieval without additional cost.

When labeling changes are necessary, Combat Medical Systems will immediately be updated and review our website in order to offer accurate information.

E-Labels and IFUs

Product Label / IFU
Aluminum Eye Shield Eye Shield Label & IFU
Battle Bandage® Battle Bandage IFU
Battle Wrap® Battle Wrap Label & IFU
Celox™ RAPID Celox Rapid Label & IFU
CONTROL CRIC™ Control-Cric Label | Control-Cric Detailed IFU
CRoC® Combat Ready Clamp CRoC Label & IFU
Dart Target™ Chest Decompression Set CMS-PUB-DTCDSI-04-002_042319
DART™ Dart label | Dart IFU
Emergency Blanket Emergency_Blanket Label & IFU
FoxSeal™ Foxseal Label & IFU
iTClamp® iTClamp Label | iTClamp IFU
Polycarb Eye Shield Eye Shield Label & IFU
ResQGARD® ResQGard Label
Rolled Gauze Rolled Gauze Label & IFU
Sentinel® Chest Seal Chest Seal Label & IFU | Sentinel Chest Seal IFU
Sentinel® Chest Trauma Kit Chest Trauma Kit Label & IFU
SWAT-T™ Tourniquet SWAT-T Label & IFU
TMT™ Tourniquet TMT Tourniquet Label & IFU | TMT_IFU – CMS RM 5047-C V3 Red 10-11-17