Medic Enhancement Set (MES)


Purchase of some medical devices that may be labeled “Caution” or “RX only” requires that purchaser is a licensed physician or work under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. Ensuring this supervision is the purchasers' responsibility.


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Unfortunately, due to supply chain challenges, all kits that contain the iTClamp will ship without it. This product will be shipped to you once available at no additional cost. Please contact us directly at 855-428-6074 opt #2 with any questions.


The Medic Enhancement Set (MES) is a capability  improvement by providing advanced tools for the management of massive hemorrhage, airway compromise, open chest wounds and intraosseous access all in one complete set.  It uses the MARCH™ medical gear in a comprehensive, color-coded trauma treatment system to treat the top preventable causes of death.

Product Info

Product Attributes

  • Best medical gear available
  • Allows for jump in medical capability
  • 36 Month Shelf Life

Set Contents

  • Celox® Rapid 3” x 5′ Z-Folded- 2 each
  • TMT™ Tourniquet- 2 each
  • iT Clamp™- 1 each
  • Control-Cric™- 1 each
  • Sentinel® Chest Seal- 2 each
  • T.A.L.O.N.® 7-Site IO Starter Set- 1 each
  • Battle Bandage® Advanced Compression Bandage- 2 each


  • Part number: 82-504-03
  • CAGE Code: 515E6
  • 36 Month Shelf Life
  • Specifications:
    • Weight: 1.78 lbs.
    • Package: 6”L x 10”W x 4”H
  • FDA Listed/UDI Compliant
  • 100% Trade Compliant