Mojo® Combat Lifesaver Bag

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The Mojo® Combat Lifesaver Bag uses MARCH™ medical gear in a user friendly, color-coded trauma treatment system distinctly packaged with icon identifiers to treat the five preventable causes of death on the battlefield. The Mojo® CLS bag is mission designed and highly versatile. It contains components for a warfighter with advanced individual or CLS training to treat multiple casualties at point of injury. The Mojo CLS has three methods of attachment: adjustable shoulder strap, attach directly to MOLLE, or worn with the Mojo® MOLLE belt. The bag has a top zipper panel for full view of and quick access to its contents. It is made of 1000D Cordura and is available in four different color options (coyote brown, black, foliage green, multicam).

  • Basic- PN 83-324-01
  • Intermediate- PN 83-323
  • Advanced- PN 83-325

*Image shown is PN 83-325, actual product may vary*

The Mojo® Combat Lifesaver Bag (CLS) Mirrors the USAMMA Approved 2009 CLS Packing List


Product Info

  • Quick Access
  • Intuitive Layout
  • Versatile Portability

Product Attributes

  • Ergonomic design evenly distributes weight and is worn comfortably on your body during long missions
  • Wearable in three ways (belt, shoulder strap, MOLLE system)

Clinical Benefits

  • Systematic access and full visualization of your life saving equipment ensures the smoothest casualty intervention
  • 180-degree top-opening zipper panel for quick grab access
  • Fully mission-configurable kit



  • PN: 83-325
  • coyote brown, black, foliage green, multicam
  • Up to 5-Year Shelf Life
  • Single Use
  • Dimensions: 16” x 9.5” x 6”
  • Weight: 8.9 lbs
  • Berry Amendment / Trade Compliant
  • Made of 1000D Cordura
  • Made In USA

Mojo combat lifesaver bag build of materials



NSNs for Bag only:

Black: NSN 8465016657999

Coyote Brown: NSN 8465016658011