Part Number: 30-215 ǀ NSN: 6510-01-623-9903

Celox™ Rapid hemostatic gauze packs faster, requires minimal post-application compression, reduces blood loss and provides greater stability in evacuation compared to traditional products. It can be rapidly applied to the wound within half the time of competitive devices. Celox Rapid gauze has been proven in vivo testing to stop major arterial bleeding by coagulating blood within 1 minute, reducing additional blood loss. 1

Early acute coagulopathy of trauma patients occurs pre-hospital in 25% of patients and may be due to the injury itself. This derangement reflects the severity of tissue damage and carries a worse prognosis. 2 Celox Rapid had 100% survival in the most severe ISR coagulopathic model used for assessing hemostatic dressings, while other hemostatic dressings did not perform well. 3

(1) Based on in vivo testing, data on record at Medtrade[Mechanism of action rapid-acting gauze hemostat. A Hoggart el al. Poster at ATACCC1 FL].

(2) Brohi, Karim BSc, FRCS, FRCA; Singh, Jasmin MB, BS, BSc; Heron, Mischa MRCP, FFAEM; Coats, Timothy MD, FRCS, FFAEM, The Journal of Trauma: Injury, Infection, and Critical Care: June 2003 – Volume 54 – Issue 6 – p 1127–1130

(3) Kheirabadi, B Dubick, M, Efficacy Assessment of Celox Rapid (CR) gauze to Control Arterial Hemorrhage in Coagulopathic Swine, ISR Study March 2018

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Celox™ Rapid Ribbon

Part Number: 30-223 ǀ NSN: 6510-01-623-9442

Celox™ Rapid Ribbon brings all the benefits of Celox Rapid Gauze in a 1-inch strip. This Chitosan impregnated dressing is designed to stop moderate-to-severe bleeding with one minute of compression time. Its low-profile packaging enables Celox Rapid Ribbon to be easily integrated into existing First Aid Kits. Its increased capability is ideal for the treatment of narrow track wounds such as bullet and stab injuries.

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Celox™ – A

Part Number: 30-235

Narrow penetrating injuries such as bullet or knife wounds are very difficult to treat and can be lethal. Celox-A is a unique applicator delivery system with 6g of Celox™ granules designed to treat small track wounds, directly at the source of bleeding. This traumatic wound treatment stops moderate-to-severe bleeding in just seconds. Its low-profile packaging enables Celox-A to be easily integrated into existing First Aid Kits.

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Celox™ Rapid B-CON

Part Number: 30-212

Celox™ Rapid B-CON is the ultimate in over-the-counter bleeding control for initial responders. It is designed for temporary traumatic wound treatment to control bleeding of lacerations, minor cuts and abrasions. B-CON contains the same highly effective hemostatic core technology used in Celox Rapid for massive hemorrhage, but in a 2 foot, OTC configuration. With only one minute of compression time required, B-CON is fast and effective in stopping the bleed.

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