SAVeII+™ Ventilator Kit w/ EMMA® Capnograph Helicopter Starter Set


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The SAVeII+ Ventilator Kit with EMMA Capnograph helicopter starter set, is ideal for aeromedical and ground EMS/Rescue organizations that base or operate in remote locations – away from their logistical hubs; or any agency transitioning the SAVeII+ as their transport ventilator. This starter set includes all the highly desirable features of the SAVeII+ Ventilator and the EMMA Mainstream Capnograph, but also includes a convenient and durable nylon carrying/hang bag that is designed to enable faster deployment of the SAVeII+, by providing multiple securement options for convenient use inside the confined spaces of evacuation platforms. This starter set also includes enough single-use consumables to enable the treatment of 5 patients.

The SAVeII+™ Ventilator Kit w/ EMMA® Capnograph Helicopter Starter Set Contains

  • SAVeII+ Ventilator Kit w/Hard Case (1)
  • SAVeII Universal Soft Case/Hang Bag (1)
  • SAVeII Univ. Ruggedized Patient Circuit (4)
  • EMMA Mainstream Capnograph Kit (1)
  • EMMA Airway Adapter (Adult/Peds)  (5)

Product Info

PN: 70110H-CH
Clearance: FDA Cleared
Use: Multi-patient use with single-use consumables
Shelf life:​​
Durables: 5-year average useable life
Consumables: 3-years
Packaged Dimensions: 20” x 16” x 14”​
Weight:  15.3lbs​
Made in USA​