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The Mojo® DD 1380 (DD Form 1380) is the US Military TCCC validated Casualty Card. It can be written on with pencil or permanent marker in extreme weather conditions, under water, through human blood and moulage. Designed to be a multiple use product, it can be cleaned with any household or hospital grade cleanser without removing critical medical data. This card fits perfectly in the sleeve or breast pocket of military uniforms.  Naturally this card should be placed in every IFAK.  When individual data is pre-filled, it will provide seamless casualty reporting.

Product Info

Product Attributes

  • Can be written on under water, through human blood and moulage
  • Cleaned without removing recorded notes
  • Fits in sleeve and breast pocket of military uniforms
  • Pencil or permanent markers can be used
  • Durable and Multi-Use


  • PN: 44-115-10
  • Shelf Life: 20 years
  • Specification:
    • Unit Dimensions
      • 8”x 5.5″ (unfolded)
    • Unit Weight: 4 oz.
    • Unit of Measure: Pack of 10
  • Available Direct
  • Made in USA