Low Titer Type O FWB Transfusion Set


Pre-identifying Donors

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NSN: 6515-01-684-9074


The transfusion of fresh whole blood is the best option for management of casualties with hemorrhagic shock. Blood transfusions have been used successfully in military conflicts and other austere conditions to resuscitate trauma patients suffering from shock due to hemorrhage.

Pre-screening to identify Type O Low Titer Donors in the operational forces is the next evolution in forward fresh whole blood resuscitation. This advancement simplifies this task by reducing the steps, supplies and time required to perform this lifesaving intervention.

This self contained, low cube set is an affordable and sensible solution for training and equipping organizations that pre-identify their donors.


  • Part Number: 80-875
  • FDA Listed / UDI Compliant (Class II Device)
  • 10 month shelf life
  • Specifications:
    • Package Dimensions: 5.25”W x 8.5”H x 2.0”D
    • Weight: 9 oz
  • 100% TAA Compliant