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    When treating cardio respiratory arrest on the battlefield, the Advanced Circulatory® ResQPOD® Impedance Threshold Device regulates pressure in the thorax and prevents unnecessary air from entering the chest during CPR, creating a vacuum that pulls more blood back into the heart, resulting in better casualty outcomes.

    The ResQPOD®, part of Combat Medical Systems’ MARCHMedical Gear, enhances circulation during basic or advanced life support CPR. This simple non-invasive device regulates pressure in the chest, improves blood flow to the heart and brain, and provides Perfusion on Demand (POD). In clinical studies, use of the ResQPOD® increased blood flow to the brain by 50%3 and blood flow to the heart by 100%.2 ResQPOD® has also demonstrated an increase in neurologically-intact survival of 25% or more.1

    Timing lights guide proper compression and ventilation rates, promoting high quality CPR. ResQPOD® helps circulate drugs more effectively and does not restrict patient ventilation or exhalation.

    • PN: 37-200-10, NSN: 6515-01-535-4139 (Package of 10)
    • PN: 37-200, NSN: No NSN for Single Unit Sale


    • 2X Blood Flow to the heart4
    • Neurologically-Intact Survival increases by 25% or more1
    • Accurate Compression and Ventilation Times


    • Timing assist lights promote proper compression and ventilation rates during CPR
    • Compatible with all airway adjuncts (e.g. facemask, ET tube)
    • Pressure-sensing valve enhances the vacuum in the chest to augment blood flow to the vital organs
    • Low cube


    • 100% more blood flow to the heart2 during CPR
    • 50% more blood flow to the brain3
    • Increase in neurologically-intact survival rates of 25% or more1
    • Doubled systolic blood pressure levels5 to circulate drugs more effectively
    • Increased the likelihood of successful defibrillation
    • Provides benefits in all arrest rhythms
    • Recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA)


    • PN: 37-200-10, NSN: 6515-01-535-4139 (Package of 10)
    • PN: 37-200, NSN: No NSN for Individual Sale
    • Single-Use
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        •  Packaged: 3″x 2”x 2”
      • Unit Weight: 3oz.
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    • 100% TAA Compliant
    • Made in USA


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