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AllEvac® Ready Station



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    The AllEvac® Ready Station creates a casualty treatment area virtually anywhere — all packaged in an easily transportable, rugged case. Compact and deployable, the kit includes two AllEvac® litter stands with four mounting brackets, two IV poles and folding mayo stand and tray and accommodates the APE or any other quad-fold litter (optional). Easily stored, transported and implemented, the Ready Station is an immediate medical force multiplier during any crisis event. The AllEvac Ready Station is also available as a set with the AllEvac APE Litter.

    • Rugged expeditionary kit.
    • Rapidly employed for onsite casualty care.
    • Effective medical response during any crisis event.


    • Uses rugged case for compatible concurrent shipment with other equipment, includes foam insert for stable transport
    • Designed to contain an APE or any other quad-fold litter (see PN 88-813-02)
    • The solution for off-the-ground casualty treatment


    • Rugged case ensures easy storage, transport and deployment
    • Foam insert secures elements during transport and enables quick inventory of items
    • Improves response and set up times for treating casualties by centralizing components


    • PN 88-813-01 (without a quad-fold litter):
      • Unit Weight: 68 lbs
      • Unit Dimensions: 19”H x 23”W x 31.3”L
    • PN 88-813-02 (with AllEvac APE litter):
      • Unit Weight: 84 lbs
      • Unit Dimensions: 19”H x 23”W x 31.3”L
    • Assembled in the U.S.A.
    • Trade Compliant