DripDrop® ORS

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3x Electrolytes

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By incorporating Drip Drop ORS into hydration protocols, our military force can mitigate extreme hydration risk. Often, water and off-the-shelf hydration solutions are not enough to maintain soldiers’ hydration levels in the operational environment. Drip Drop ORS increases endurance in extreme combat environments by its ability to replace 3x the electrolytes. Drip Drop shortens the time for hydration relief due to its fast absorption rate into the bloodstream. It is made with great-tasting, all natural flavors and contains no preservatives, artificial or GMO ingredients.

Product Info

  • Watermelon Flavor
    • Case of 100
      • Part Number 60-100-WM
      • NSN 6505-01-671-1844
  • Lemon Flavor
    • Case of 100
      • Part Number 60-100-LM
      • NSN 6505-01-646-2692
    • 2.5 gal. Bulk Pack
      • PN 60-104-LM (CS/12)
      • NSN 6505-01-671-1859
      • PN 60-101-LM (EACH)
  • Berry Flavor
    •  Case of 100
      • Part Number 60-100-BY
      • NSN 6505-01-646-2701
  • Orange Flavor
    • Case of 100
      • Part Number 60-100-OR
      • NSN Pending
  • Spiced Apple Cider Flavor (HOT)
    • Case of 100
      • Part Number 60-100-AC
      • NSN 6515-01-694-8062
  • Available for purchase: Direct or PV
  • 4 Year Shelf Life
  • 3x the electrolytes and ½ the sugar of sports drinks
  • Mitigates risk of heat injury and illness
  • All natural flavors, no preservatives, non-GMO
  • Transforms water into medical grade hydration
  • ORS can hydrate as effectively as an IV*


*2003 clinical study shows no difference in efficacy between ORS & IV