BloodBoxx™ Tactical


Blood Carried Far Forward

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Our enhanced temperature control technology delivers the next evolution for thermo-regulated payload requirements. By combining state of the art, ultra efficient, insulated chambers with optimized thermal management materials, we offer the controlled payload temperature transport customer solution.

The BloodBoxx Tactical delivers a single unit of blood to the battlefield in a durable, tested system. Using no additional power, this revolutionary design maintains the desired temperature range for up to 24 hours, depending on ambient temperature.

Product Info

  • WEIGHT: Less than 2lbs
  • DURABLE: 1000 denier shell
  • TIME: 12-24 hours of transport

Product Attributes

  • Light weight
  • Low Cube
  • No power requirements
  • Simple reusable system
  • Optimization of thermal management materials
  • Maintains between 1ᵒC and 10ᵒC


  • PN: 39-101
  • ISTA Standard Tested
  • 5-year Shelf Life
  • Specification:
    • Unit Dimensions: 5 L x 3 W X 7.5 H
    • Unit Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Available Direct
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made in USA