AllEvac® APE® Litter


The Litter for All Evacuation Platforms

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The AllEvac® APE® Litter (All Platform Evacuation) is a rapidly deployed, quad-fold litter designed to give responders casualty evacuation versatility in every tactical environment.

The APE® supports 350 lbs. It is the only litter that meets U.S. military load test requirements and is STANAG 2040 Compliant. It can be loaded onto evacuation vehicles, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The APE® has a full-length interchangeable bed that provides better casualty support and in-field stability, while offering the responder a wider range of motion at the head and foot of the litter. It is the only litter that has easily serviceable parts that can be exchanged in the field using a Phillips head screwdriver and 3/8th wrench.

Product Info

  • Compatible with all U.S. and NATO Evacuation Platforms
  • Field Sustainable Design
  • Safe Casualty Transport

Product Attributes

  • Supports up to 350 lbs
  • High-grip handles for secure grasp during TACEVAC
  • Metal patient restraint buckles and four-panel webbing
  • Quick six-second deployment in confined spaces
  • Locking frame and cross bars guarantee no spontaneous collapse
  • Self-leveling feet prevent damage to aircraft floor
  • Meets U.S. Military load test requirements for all evacuation vehicles, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft
  • Simply requires a Phillips head screwdriver to exchange field parts
  • NATO STANAG 2040 compliant

Clinical Benefits

  • Selected during user field evaluations over all other quad-fold litters for the USSOCOM TCCC Medical Program
  • Quick, foldout deployment
  • Full-length bed providing better casualty support and stability
  • Meets the required 5th to 95th percentile population range


  • Unit Weight: 17.5 lbs
  • Unit Dimensions:
    • Stored: 14.5″L x 19″W x 6″D
    • Fully Deployed w/handles engaged: 91″L x 19″W x 6″D
    • Deployed w/handles stored: 74″H x 19″W x 6″D
  • Trade compliant
  • Sourced, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.